Cursor and OSX desktop in standalone fullscreen

When playing a level in standalone mode, fullscreen, mouse keeps annoyingly interacting with OSX desktop’s top bar ad dock launcher. In particular, looking up after a while leads to top bar popping over, and looking down to dock appearing over game.
only way to have them disappear again is to switch to another app (e.g. cmd+tab), move cursor to center of screen, and come back to game.


Thanks for your report! I’ve entered this bug into our database for our developers to look at.


I confirm same happens in my Mac OS 10.12 something…
solution to this - is to make an NSWindowLevel to be DockWindowLevel +1.
I would be happy to know if I can do this without compiling whole UE source code - is there a way to get and set Window level from within CPP code ?

Hey -

What engine version were you working in when this occurred? Can you provide any additional information about issue you’re seeing? As for your question, it may be possible to fix this with a change to source code, but without more information about exact issue you’re seeing I can’t say exactly what would need to change.

Hey ,
Sorry for a late reply, I was using UE 4.14.2.
In 4.14.3 this is almost fixed - however still can be reproduced - if you are in a fullscreen mode it will work ~smooth but once you will hit cmd+tab go to desktop do some stuff and get back to game - you will see that Dock starts to appear when your mouse cursor is low enough.

I would like to modify Game Window - by setting it to Higher WindowLevel as well as shifting it 1 pixel to top (it is a known NSWindow optimisation for games on macOS)… I am not willing to recompile whole thing - If UE can run Objective-C it could be done easily question is: maybe I do a C++ class that will call a function in Objective-C file through lets say C interface - making this adjustment is really easy within Objective-C and AppKit API.

Setting Higher WindowLevel will ensure that Dock will be under game window + all other apps and stuff shouldn’t even be able to issue a Draw calls (Dock as well) - shifting or making window 1 pixel bigger - bypasses fail Apple’s “Fullscreen optimizations” and can gain up to 20 FPS in some cases…

I have reproduced this issue and logged a report for it here Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-41044) . You can track report’s status as issue is reviewed by our development staff. Please be aware that this issue may not be prioritized or fixed soon.

  • , Thank you for your effort !! :slight_smile: