Cursed world

ok so first of all im still early in development and I already know for the next 2 months im not going to get much accomplished because im going to be busy, but ill post as much as I can as far as updates go.

This game in early development going to be planned as a 4 player co-op game, and my hopes are to add in a team based multiplayer either before launch, or in an expansion pack.

This game will be similar to a survival game, in the since that you will need to develop a base, and need to find/gather resources in order to progress.

I will intend this game to be difficult, and increase difficulty based on player progression making it more difficult to win the better the play doing, and the longer the player takes to do it.

Also another main feature is the player will need not only to race time, and lead groups to fend off the enemy’s, but their main task will be to organize and work with the npc’s in order to gain any ground. This is an attempt to slow the player down give them a challenge.

not only do I want to make it so the player can play with 3 of his/her friends I also want each person to run with up to 3 npc’s each npc will have a different job type, and their for a different reason the player may or may not want them to follow

I intend to have the world at least semi random generated for an increased playability, but at this time that is on the back burner

enemy ai will learn new upgrades/talents as time progresses, and each one will be a random choice with a bases of if the prerequisite was chosen aka npc may stat of with 2 choices but may end up with 5.

enemy will constantly send waves at the players base wave size based on time/players team size and unit types will be based on time/upgrades learned

I am focusing on my ai development first so where as I may add a few quirks here and there while I work out my frustration there will be few screen shots available for no, and most of my artwork will be simple objects and unreal demo actor until my ai is refined quite a bit. anyone interested in helping please post. I will work with you as needed to get you access, and of course ill provide compensation based on any agreements with said person. I will also at that time go into further detail of what it is exactly that I am planning for the final project.

if you have any other questions please ask

added player building to the game.
currently player building only consists of premade houses more coming soon.

working on AI and destructible walls/floors ext… for the prebuild buildings.

slight change in game plan players will now be allowed to build things alongside of the ai, and not just place blueprints, but build time will be based on a stat/talent that both the player and ai will have that adjusts building speed. player will be required to get this talent in their talent tree, and upgrade it instead of other possibility’s for talents