Currently Working on two titles actually.

They are both VERY ambitious, but I believe I can pull them off since I’m not giving myself a deadline. The first is “Kage!” and the second is “Mythos”.

Kage! Came from me missing the Tenchu saga and what it brought to the table. There hasn’t been a decent heavily stealth based shinobi game in AGES and I feel like it’s time we had another (Sekiro is cool and all but feels more like a souls game than a stealth/espionage title). I’m taking key concepts from the Tenchu series and am adapting on them. Just to give you an Idea here’s a look at the concept of one of my shinobi skill tree’s It’s a rough concept so all of the details aren’t in there but I’m working on it.
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Chi no Geijutsu - Blood Art
Mastery Jutsu

“Victory through Self-Sacrifice!”

		The Shinobi who study these arts sign a blood pact with a Mazoku (Demon Lord) that gives them control over the "Catalyst of Mortality" as it is written (just a fancy way to say blood). The catch is the only blood they can control is their own, and upon death they do not get to join the afterlife but rather they are immediately transformed into Crow Tengu and spend the rest of their afterlife in servitude of the Mazoku.
		Scarlet Kiss:  The player Cuts open their hand flings blood at their opponent. Can affect up to 2 enemies in close proximity( Target: 0%DMG [Marked Status]/ Player: 2% DMG.)
		Gaze Upon: The shinobi calls upon the Mazoku of Crow Tengu to instill terror within his enemies.

		Skill only affects enemies in a small radius around the Shinobi. Once activated, Mazokus face materializes from the ground in a pool of blood and stares into the hearts of your enemies inflicting Legendary terror causing all enemies who are caught in his gaze to immeditely commit suicide. Skill absorbs 75% of the players HP as a cost to summon.


		Type: Martyr

		Difficulty: Hard

		Description: Blood Art users bring death through masochistic acts. The practitioner uses their own blood to achieve the desired results. This secret art can only affect things with the users blood on them. There are legendary practitioners who were able to defeat armies with a mere drop of blood.
		Mazoku's Embrace: Player Cuts open veins in the wrist and fires a wide cone-shaped geyser of blood at enemies. Can affect up to 4 enemies in moderately wide Proximity (Target: 0% DMG [Marked Status]/ Player 8% DMG)
		Intervene: The shinobi calls upon The Mazoku of Crow Tengu to bring death upon his foes.

		**Warning** There must be a corpse nearby in order to activate the ability.

		Skill only affects 5 enemies at once. The Mazoku appears from the corpse of a fallen enemy in full form wielding his legendary ninjato. In a series of lightspeed attacks the legendary demon lord reduces the shinobi's foes to chunks of flesh and gore. Always Creates at least two blood puddles. 

		Betrayal: Turn a marked enemies walking explosives. For a Certain amount of time you can control a marked enemy like a puppet, but once time runs out the enemy can explode. ***WARNING*** If you are in the blast radius you will take damage from the explosion. 

		*Rank 1: Cost= 2 points. Control 1 enemy.  Blast radius 6 ft. Critical Radius 3 ft. (Target 138 DMG, Crit Rng = x2.5 [if caught in BR gain Marked Status if Bravery less than Fearless enemy gains Terrified Status].

		*Rank 2: Cost=5 Points. Control One enemy, Blast radius +4, Critical Radius +2. (Target 155 DMG, Crit Rng DMG = x2.5 )

		*Rank 3: Cost 12 Points. Control two enemies Blast radius +3, Crit. blast radius +3 (Target 178 DMG, Crit Rng DMG = x2.5)

		**Mastery: Unlock at skill lvl 25. Control two enemies or turn one corpse into a proximity or timed mine. Mine explosion can send light-weight enemies flying. (Target 250 DMG, Crit Rng DMG = x2.5 All targets regardless of bravery lvl gain terrified status also, 1.2% of any and all damage done by betrayal converts into hp for the shinobi).

		Share Alike: Player can pass mark onto other enemies in close proximity to initially marked enemy.

		*Rank 1: pass onto 1 additional enemy

		*Rank 2: pass onto 1 additional enemy

		*Rank 3: pass onto 1 additional enemy

		**Mastery: Unlock at skill lvl 25. pass onto 1 additional enemy, also any marked enemy can be used as a Blood Port point which will instantly kill the enemy and leave a blood puddle.

		Impale: While undetected, The shinobi can manipulate created blood puddles and turn them into a large spike that will instantly impale and kill  target enemy.

		*Rank 1: Can impale 1 additional enemy

		*Rank 2: Can Impale 1 additional enemy

		*Rank 3: Can impale 1 additional enemy

		**Mastery: Unlock at skill lvl 25. Can impale limitless number of enemies in a larger proximity. Also, Impale heals shinobi for 1.5 % of maximum health of all targets killed by Impale, and has a 10% chance of turning victims into blood puddles enlarging the initial blood puddle it was cast from.

		BloodPort: Shinobi can teleport to nearby blood puddle.

		*Rank 1: Able to teleport an additional 5 ft.

		*Rank 2: Able to teleport and additional 5 ft.

		*Rank 3: Able to teleport and additional 5 ft.

		**Mastery: Unlock at skill lvl 25. In addition to "Share Alike" Bonus, Shinobi can also bloodmeld onto walls and ceilings offering more stealth options. Also, Shinobi gains a regeneration bonus of 6 hp per second for 6 seconds after each teleport (Regen does not stack or reset between ports)

		Blood-stitution: Once triggered, if attacked within a certain time-frame, the shinobi will vanish in a puff of blood mist and reappear behind the opponent. 

		*Rank 1: Extends Invulnerability frames.

		*Rank 2: Inflicts "Marked" status upon success.

		*Rank 3: Creates a small blood puddle upon success.

		*Mastery: Unlock at skill lvl 25. Shinobi gains the ability to perform a blood counter. If player taps the guard button just before an attack lands the shinobi will melt into a blood puddle and materialize a blood-spike which does critical damage. If the enemy is killed by the spike there is a 15% chance he will turn into a blood puddle.

		Blood Lust: The more blood you spill the more deadly you become. Once the players HP reaches critical levels (20% of max) the players screen gains a red tint and all combat abilities gain a damage increase of 12.5%

		No Escape: Anytime an enemy comes in contact with you blood or blood puddles created by your abilities they gain marked status. Marked enemies show up on your mini-map regardless of how far from your proximity they are.

I want to make it open world in a small Japanese island type region currently on the precipice of war. I wanted to give a skill and char lvling system to players as incentive to really push themselves through missions, side-quests, and other sub-story activities in order to achieve mastery over the Shinobi. I plan on releasing DLC and expansions on the game to prevent from having to release sequels (I kinda hate the idea of sequels). Similar to the way Dragons Dogma did with Dark Arisen, or they way Warcraft II did with tides of darkness and beyond the dark portal ( yeah I’m old guys lol). I’m learning to animate and sculpt while also learning to code with blueprint which is why this is taking so long. I don’t make much money so I can’t pay anyone to do anything (especially not on the level I want) which is why I’m learning to do everything myself.

As far as Mythos goes, I haven’t even started working on that, all I have is the premise and a few monster model concepts. The basic idea is something along the lines of a Monster Hunter/Witcher hybrid thing (two of my favorite game series btw) only instead of just hunting dinosaurs, and elder dragons, the player is hunting mythological creatures from various different ethnic backgrounds. There’ll be thing like Coatl, Chimera (and not just in the traditional sense either), medusa, Basilisks, Tengu, the list goes on and on. basically I just want to create games that people enjoy again and again. The way I used to growing up. I, of course, want to be compensated for my work but I don’t plan on becoming a multi millionaire from this nor do I desire to profit my primary or even my secondary focus. I just want to make games that ppl have fun playing. That’s all.

Sounds pretty cool. Good Luck