Currently unsubscribed, and I cannot download the old engine version via the Launcher

I was a sub for a few months a while ago, and I had the engine installed, but since then I have canceled my sub (I waiting for 4.2 to come out) and was fine with that. I ended up having to remove the engine from my computer due to lack of storage space, and now that I have more storage space, I cannot install the engine at all. I thought the sub was so that you got all the updates. Not that once you uninstalled it you can’t install it ever again until you sub. Am I correct on this or am I just missing something? Note that when I go to the github site which I have already linked to, It says that Epic Games doesn’t have any public repository’s. Which I know, but I already sub’d before to get this.

Just to make sure I understand what your are saying properly, is it that you don’t find where to download the UnrealEngine launcher ?

If you sign in on the UnrealEngine website and, you should be able to download the launcher and install all the version your subscription gave you access to. (probably 4.1.2) Those version are under the yellow drop down on the top left corner of the launcher.

For the Source code though, I think right now you need to have a current subscription to have access to it.

No I can download and install the launcher just fine. But it won’t let me select My version of the engine to install.

Hi Desenki,

One of our accounts team just looked into this and fixed what might have been causing this to occur. Please try to download again. If you are still experiencing download problems, please contact for further assistance. Have a great day!


I am still unable to install any version of the game engine, and does not exist. Trying to send an email to them from gmail returns a Delivery recipient failed error 550 No such user.

I apologize for the confusion and mistake. The correct email address is:

I am still somewhat unclear on whether your issue is with downloading via GitHub, via the Launcher, or with Both.

If you are unable to access the GitHub repository with a cancelled subscription, then this is expected behavior. Please see: How to download the engine after subscription expired? - Installation & Setup - Unreal Engine Forums

However, if you are unable to download the older version of the engine via the Launcher, then this is an issue that will need to be investigated.


I would like to point out that the reply email I got when I emailed said that it would be between 24 and 48 hours to hear back from them. It has been longer than 48 hours and I have still not heard anything.

Hi Desenski,

You should have received an email several days ago letting you know that we are still working on this potential bug. Please check your spam folder to see if it may have been filtered. I want to confirm that we do have someone looking into this and we are doing what we can to help you with accessing the engine.

Hello, I would like to confirm that I have in fact gotten emails but they were all from and none of them mentioned my issue at all. All they were doing was saying that there are questions waiting to be answered and then it gives me a list of different questions people have asked on this forum. But like I said, I have not gotten anything from them saying they are in fact working on my issue, or even gotten an update on my issue for why it is taking so long to fix (as of 3:43pm PST on 7/14/14, 5 days after initial thread post, I still cannot install any version of the game engine.)

Hi Desenski,

The are all automated emails from the AnswerHub. You can disable the sending of these in your preferences.

Our accounts department says that they sent a response to you on 7/9 with an update on your ticket. But I apologize if you have not received it. Perhaps it was sent to a spam folder.

I will follow-up with our accounts department, but I do require an answer on the question I asked earlier:

Are you attempting to download the 4.1 release through the Launcher or through GitHub?

Thank you.

I checked my spam folder and didn’t find anything. And I am trying to download/instal from the launcher.

Thanks. The issue is still under investigation. The cause for it is not immediately obvious, and unfortunately our specialist has been out of the office for a few days. We are re-routing to others for help on the issue.

Thanks for your patience, and I apologize for the inconvenience.


I wanted to follow-up on this issue. I understand that our accounts department reached out to you by email for logs and additional information, and did not hear back from you. I hope that you did receive the email, and that it did not get sent to a spam folder instead. They have or will soon be reaching out to you again. If don’t receive any emails, we can continue discussion here.

We have recently identified and fixed an issue with our system which may have caused your issue problem to occur. We would love to hear back from you if indeed this problem is resolved, or not. Please let us know.

For tracking purposes, I am marking this post as “Resolved” unless we hear back from you otherwise.