Current workflow for 4.18.3 for steam standalone dedicated server

After reading heaps of information about setting up a standalone dedicated server on steam that isn’t a lobby session (similar to ark ) I noticed the advanced session plugins created by the community and managed to get everything working on steam while running dedicated server on the engine itself.

My question is, could someone point me to the most current method of packaging the standalone server files so I can run a dedicated server of my project and allow some others and myself to join for testing. I am already set up with a port forwarded server that has hosted both ark and conan servers via steam, so everything in that department is covered.

I just wasn’t sure if it is still necessary to get the source version of the engine and change with C++ as shown in the wiki write up, or if maybe something had changed and I missed it. This is the wiki post I was going to follow, but alas it only mentions up to 4.17 and I wasn’t sure if that’s because nothing substantial changed in 4.18 or because there is now an easier way to do it. (If this is still the best method, you might want to add 4.18 to the versions at the top of the wiki…also, the github link for source version of the engine is invalid…)…e_version_4.14

Both advanced session and steam advanced sessions plugins have been added to the engine and activated and I pasted the code from the wiki in to defaultengine.ini and everything, when run from the engine, seems to work as expected showing that Im playing “spacewars” on steam and those on my friend’s list can stream the game and watch from their computer after allowing steam to install the game. I just basically need to package the standalone server files now so I can install them on my server instead of having the session end when I leave the project/engine.

Even a link to the most current wiki on how to package the standalone server would suffice, thanks in advance!

I just checked it today and that wiki now includes 4.18.2 for steam…I’m downloading 4.18.3 now to give it a shot…could you post back if you have success with this version?

Will do! Thanks for the heads up about the update. I’ll be giving it a shot on 4.18.3, according to the most recent wiki, so I’ll update here on how it went.

I got an error with 4.18.3 when doing the “Switch Unreal Version Step.” I download 4.18.2 source and tried that and I did not get that error with that version. Currently trying to get the steam stuff added in (i.e. adding the header file and cpp file giving errors). Need to find where the other headers are to add to the project, like OnlineSessionInterface.h, etc.

Anyone figure this out for 4.22?