Current Steam Sale Community Vote: 80% off Mixamo Fuse or Clickteam Fusion.

For those looking for a cheap way to generate characters, Fuse would be worth your vote, IMHO.

It’s what I use and I’ve been impressed with what they have given the community with free charaters and the new UE4 rigging format they have got on their site.

Or if you want to vote for Fusion, you could do that instead. It’s cool. (Not sure why you would be reading this on this site, though. :slight_smile: )

P.S. It ends in 18.5 hours.

Ummm… Yes please! I would love to pick up Fuse for $50!!!

Go, go everyone and vote for Fuse for the next Community Choice!!

Going to have to set myself a reminder to check back in 18hrs… Don’t want to miss that! Thanks Jez! :smiley:

DotCam, it would be nearer $20, would it not? Or £15 here in the UK. :slight_smile:

Oh your right!! even better if it wins, I was looking a the 50% off by mistake… That’s so awesome!!! :smiley:

Here’s the link! Gogogogo

Hi TylerMixamo;
I voted for Fusion Caracter Creator , but i have a question , if you upload your caracter to Maximo web site for a automatic rigging , you need a subscription ?

Hm, i just read the reviews of Fuse. That doesn’t sound very good.
Is there a hidden thing why you want to use this? Because the reviews
only talk about hidden fees etc. so the 20$ are just a small percentage
of what you have to pay if you really want to use the characters you created. :confused:

No need for a subscription: I have Fuse, and I can do it for free. :slight_smile:

And eXi, no, I have no hidden agenda, I just thought people would be interested in voting for it. Obviously, I think it is worth it, otherwise I wouldn’t have pointed it out. I have not idea why people go on about hidden costs. I have never paid Mixamo a penny more than for Fuse, despite downloading several characters. The process on the website is convoluted, certainly, which is why people may have have misunderstood what they were entitled to. My Steam ID is jezcentral, so feel free to check my playing time. :slight_smile:

As for wanting to use this, Mixamo already partnered with Epic, and have given us subscribers a load of free characters, and recently released a new rig format, so you can apply the Unreal stock animations (and Kubold’s :slight_smile: ) to the Fuse characters. This is not a new third-party company coming along. They have been involved with Epic almost since the beginning of UE4.

And exporting a character as .fbx file is free? The reviews say it costs extra.

Ok, Exi it’s a good question ?

You get two auto-rigs each week. That’s the only time I’ve seen money come into it (i.e. if you can’t wait until next week, you would need to pay). I’ve never need more than that number, so I’ve never paid anything. The downloads I just downloaded, and that was that. I don’t have any subscriptions or anything with Mixamo, just the initial payment for Fuse.

EDIT: Looking at the Steam reviews, the people there either thought they would have unlimited access to animations as part of the deal, and, although there are a bunch of free animations, there are also ones that cost money. This isn’t an animation package, so don’t buy this for that. Another reviewer criticised it for not having texture options (for that you want Allegorithmic’s Painter program which isn’t cheap) which is missing the point of it.

So you can export as FBX? If not what format can you export?

Edit: Looking into it further it looks like you can export to FBX or OBJ, however whether or not exporting to FBX has an extra fee is not entirely clear. Would be great if someone who uses the program could let us know how it works.

Aww darn, should have guessed 3dMark would win… Still would be great if we can get some more info on what I posted above ^^ :slight_smile:

That’s a shame. Still, 66% off (up from 50% off) isn’t to be sniffed at!

If anyone is interested, I just made a policeman, and got him auto-rigged, and downloaded him in the “FBX for Unreal Engine 4 (.fbx)” format.

It took about 10 mins, all told, and didn’t cost me a penny. I genuinely think the reviewers are a bit confused, by the fact there are both free animations and premium animations on the website. They must have accidentally added a premium animation to their character, rather than a free one, and thought they were being charged for downloading the Mesh/Skeleton, but were actually being charged for the premium animation.

I saw a little 4 minutes tutorial on Blender nation ,

Workflow :

  • Fuse Caracter Creator to Blender export using .obj format
  • Exporting character from Blender to Mixamo in .obj format
  • Maximo to Blender model rigged export in Collada format
  • From Maximo Applying animation to your character & export again in Collada format
  • Blender to Unreal Engine 4 Export in FBX format

I don’t see this in writing anywhere, can you elaborate? The only thing I can find in actual writing is on their website:

“It is always free to upload and preview your Auto-Rigged character, but $50 / use unless you have All Access.”

Cool thanks for clearing that up! :slight_smile:

Yeah I got the same impression, most of the negative reviews are from people who don’t understand what the program is used for (as in it is not for animating, rigging/creation instead). It’s good to see Mixamo responding to all of the negative reviews trying to help though, I really like that.

@The Britain:

I have seen that listed before as well that you get 2 free rigs per week, but I’m not sure what it is referring to in that quote.

If you work in UE4, then Fuse is extremely useful.
Two major gripes though:
Eyelash transparency is borked.
Trying to retarget the ShooterGame animation blueprints to a Fuse character causes the editor to crash. Otherwise, it’s really helpful.

@The Britain
That seems to be for people who are not using Fuse, but are auto-rigging something else. Fuse a) follows a format that will require less work, as they know what calculations need doing, and b) is a paid program, so you can look at it as having the rigs included in the price.

I just tried it and without a plan, with fuse exported to mixamo site characters you have only two auto rig / week and you need to upgrade to a plan to have infinite auto rig. But it is fast and i absolutely don’t regreat investment and as long as i do’nt need massive creation, i’ll do slow rythm 2 rigs and pay one month when really needed. I didn’t know this steam offer so : Thanks Jezcentral for this thread ^^

Edit : And maybe with export as obj can you set rig on characters via blender too without a lot of work. I am not skilled enough to say…