Current state of Editor for Linux?

I know from the Wiki the UE4 editor does not run yet on Linux. But I’m curious about how close it is to working on Linux and/or what needs to be done towards that end.

uh, a few days ago?

I saw some commits, might already compile right now.

Wow. I wonder how much of it works.

I’d really like to see a linux version since my windows system is too old for any of this to work at all.

It is also on Epic’s official roadmap for June I think:

That was unexpected. In the first twitch live stream they said linux support is planed but won’t come in a long time and now it’s already there. Happy

I think June on that roadmap mneas “we will think about it in June”.

I mean there is afair only one person working on Linux support. And Editor is not even high on priority list.

Possible fleshed out editor support in Linux will probably be more considered at time of Slate refactor.

This is great news. I assume there are still a lot of compatibility problems and things that need to be ironed out. But wow, this is amazing. Can’t wait to switch.

Linux Editor is now good enough for screenshots only (and only from ) :wink: But sbc100 prepared a largish PR which we will be taking (already started on that) and which will make it buildable and runnable in the main branch. There’s a lot of work to make it usable though.

This is a great phrase. Could be applied to a lot of things :slight_smile:

I’m not trying to rush you. It’s good to know that it’s in the works at all.

Maybe usable by Christmas, do you think?

I will be asking Santa for that :slight_smile:

Im too long waiting editor on linux. it requires for me right NOW.
Im write small man how to run UDK On Linux. (Editor of course)


Unfortunately i cannot run UE4 Editor 64bit on linux (but it possible if 32bit mode and OpenGL or DX9 mode available)
I waste about 10 days to trying start this

And i search everywhere demos (Cave,Reflections) to compile it for just run on linux but i not found . =(
I hope i can see it in future.

I think you’re confusing two different versions of the engine: UE3 (UDK) vs UE4. The latest version is UE4 and this forums is focused on that version. You seem to be using the old UDK.

Epic, and people from the community are working on bringing the UE4 editor to linux. And they’re doing it in a native way, not using a compatibility layer, like wine. That’s why it’s taking so long (it’s not actually, they’re incredibly fast, but you seem to be very impatient).

The demos (Effects cave, Reflections) are projects that you can download from the Marketplace in the UE4 launcher, not for the UDK.