Current marketplace content is invalid. Requirements are not met. Potentially untrusted paid content possible


According to the Marketplace submission guidelines forward direction for the content should be +X (look in Content Requirements->Asset Scale and Orientation). The same requirement is stated by the External Content Development Standards.

The problem is that even Epic itself, as long as some other major Marketplace content providers just ignore these requirements. Epic’s Animation Starter Pack, Mixamo Animation Pack for example, all has chars models facing Y axis, not X.

So, the question is: why to provide this requirement if it just silently ignored ? Will Epic remove this requirement or will it make it just desirable but not mandatory or will it really enforce these requirement check at marketplace content submission/acceptance/approval ? (the latter is just unrealistic as long as number of content submissions will increase in future)


Not sure for 100%, but it seems that here: Issue with using weapons from the Military Weapons Silver pack, we see the exact consequence of problem I am stated above. One could spend money and just end up with invalid paid content which could not be used out of the box. It is just inappropriate for paid content because there is no money back. Looking at the marketplace’s screenshots one couldn’t say is the content met the axis-alignment requirement. This issue should be considered.