Curious "rubber-banding" issue on Deadside

I’m not a UE developer, I’m just a curious gamer who is wondering if there is any way to fix this problem client-side or if I can notify the devs of Deadside in a meaningful way. I believe this game uses Unreal Engine. I want this game to succeed but it’s frustrating not getting the problem through.

So there is a strange rubberbanding/stuttering issue going on with the game. But it does seem more exaggerated at higher latency (no surprise). Though it does appear to manifest as a “micro-stutter” at even lower pings (Steam Discussion board has a few mentions which could be related), which is of course not good for an FPS Tactical Shooter. The devs seem to think it is Win 10 related and nothing to do with the game itself. I disagree. (I mean maybe? But still it’s only with this game)

If you play on a server with 165ping, sure it’s high, but I’ve played on worse i.e. Squad without this problem - you get a sort of rubberbanding effect when you change movement scheme. So for example jog → run = stutter; stand → sit = stutter; sprint forward → move sideways = stutter etc. But simply walking around normally = no stutter.

And curiously even spamming the ctrl key while moving forward causes the stutter too in a big/obvious way.

Is there anything I can do client side (obviously not move closer to the servers lol), or how can I communicate this issue so the devs understand what is going on actually and what they can do? It’s not just me, but everyone I’ve spoken with in South Africa who experiences it (Because GPortal Servers), and I’m sure others across the globe who would pick it up too.

I have a stable 100mbps fibre line with consistent latency and every other game is fine, and the problem was apparent at my previous place/ISP too, and post+prior to me reformatting my PC, so obviously it’s not my Internet or OS, just thought that’s worth a mention.

new users unfortunately cannot upload files, otherwise I would have put up a small MP4 recording to show it

Thanks :slight_smile: