Curious about replacing assets

Might be a noob question but im currently trying to build an ugly but functional game before i start fully trying to make pretty looking assets, but was wondering if replacing the actors/characters would be an easy process? i assume id have to retarget animations, but would i have to mess with the blueprints as well?

If this has been asked before i apologize before hand, i tried searching but didnt find anything

This is something I’ve had experience with.
Provided you take your time and fix up re directors as you go, you should be ok.
If you are using a integrated version control system, you may want to disable it then manually check for local changes later, otherwise the editor may slow down while it interacts with that system.

Thank you! Ill look more into those then

If you are referring to replacing actors also in the level/scene, you can do it with right click on the Viewport and then on “Replace Selected Actors With”.

Kinda, thats helpful too though

But mainly the problem i was facing was updated the character model without messing the blueprints up (Example: Replacing main character mesh with a revised one, and adding face bones, ect. without messing the blueprints up)