Culling Volumn? Is this possible?


Please take a look at the 3 screens provided:

  1. Shows 4 tiles on top of a gradient background quad.
  2. Shows when I start to scroll the letters “AER” to the left very slightly. My algorithm will wrap the left letter “E” to the end after the “R” in order to achieve a smooth scrolling affect.
  3. Shows the same screen with my desired culling “pink” area so that only a portion of the wrapped “E” will be displayed as it is scrolled in from the right to give it a nice smoothing affect without the “popping” when the tile is initially wrapped.

The “pink” culling area is almost acting like an imaginary border of a window that you can’t see the tiles through.

HOWEVER, what is tricky is that I would still want the gradient background to come through.

Anyone have any ideas on how this is possible via blueprints?


  • Jeff

you can do it with a material’s opacity.

The tiles are made up of a few different components. One being the background quad, the other is a text renderer. Are there other ways to do it that wouldn’t require modifying all materials involved or is this the easiest way you think?