Culling problem, how to use FBox ShiftBy function?

I have problem with object culling, because of use of heavy World Displacement, visible objects are out of their bounding boxes. I found in manual function [Shift Bounding Box][1], and that’s exactly what I need, but I have no idea how to use it. :frowning:
I have both inputs, the vector and distance, is it possible to use FBox ShiftBy function in blueprints?
Here’s video showing problem:

** - YouTube

Culling problem influences assets and tessellation. The effect that triggered this is spherical perspective shader that I created.
So in summary, I’m looking for help in shifting bounding box position.

Hi foberokubo,

The FBox ShiftBy function handles the moving and scaling of the Bounding Box in the Static Mesh and Skeletal Mesh (Persona) editors. You can set specific positive and negative bound extensions based on the XYZ values you enter.

You may want to consider disabling Occlusion Culling via the Project Settings > Rendering and then making extensive use of Cull Distance Volumes to handle culling of your actors so that you don’t have to worry about bounds issues since tessellation and WPO do not effectively change how things should cull vs what they actually do. Just a thought though.


Unfortunately, the Cull Distance Volumes solution will not work, because the objects disappear when their bounding box is outside of the display. Here is a video showing the cube with its bounding box going outside display.

FBox ShiftBy function handles the
moving and scaling of the Bounding Box
in the Static Mesh and Skeletal Mesh
And what about dynamic mesh? Does FBox ShiftBy apply to that?

If that won’t work I would suggest increasing the bounds to larger than needed it will keep them rendered since they will not be culled by the view frustum.

If by “dynamic mesh” you mean procedural mesh components I’m not sure. I haven’t used them for anything. They should still have bounds, but not sure how these are set since they are procedural and cannot be opened in a static mesh editor, may be wrong on that since I’m just not familiar enough with them though. :confused:

I tried your suggestion for increasing the bounds, it solves disappearing objects, but it has no influence on tessellation; it stops working right at the edges of screen, here is video showing tessellation with normal and scaled bounds - YouTube

Can I increase bounds that works for tessellation?

You should be able to use the Max Displacement option in the Material’s Details panel in the Tessellation section. You can set a value here that should be able to control the tessellation near and farther from the camera. It was suggested to me by a colleague as something to try. I don’t have an example readily available to test, so give that a shot and see if it works for you.

Yeah, it works! Thanks,

Hi, how can I use it in UE4?