Cull distance volume question

I have a question about cull distance volume… i set it up in my scene and the only thing it seems to cull is foliage… the static objects in my scene are not being effected. My question is do i need to do a build before i see the results of my cull distance volume? Or should it just work? because right now it does not…

after restarting the editor , static meshes now get culled, but other issues… the size function doesnt seem to do anything… everything gets culled… only distance seems to make changes… Any ideas? And same question… does it need to have a build done?

*Nevermind realized u need to set multiple settings based on size… not just 1… like u need to say large objects dont get culled.

1 more question, do cull distance volumes reduce draw calls?

Seems like they should though i do not see draw calls go down… would be great if this forum was ever active enough to get an answer… unity forums u get an answer in 10 min.