Cull distance volume (going crazy)

hi i have a level, i decided to try a cull distance volume, and covered the map and experimented with some settings.
But I removed it, because I didnt like the results. So i selected it and press delete.

But when I press G to toggle game view in editor, the cull distance results still affect my level. (assets popping in as you get closer) and my skybox is visible in editing mode, but G for game view skybox dissapears.

It feels like the cull distance settings were applied to my level, but after deleting the volume, the results are unchanged. I am going crazy, can you guys offer some suggestions.

hi i fixed it, I added a “new” cull distance volume and placed it in the map somewhere (not using it) Now my assets and skybox are visible again. Presumably this is a bug.

Creating a new cull distance volume worked for me thanks.