Cull Distance Not Working?

Ok So I am trying to test out the cull distance and it doesnt seem to be working for me. Maybe i’m doing something wrong or maybe it’s a bug I don’t know.
No matter how close or far away I get from the objects, they do nothing. I try to play the game with my character and I try to simulate it and nothing, what am I doing wrong?

Hi Chay,

Try only having one element and move the Cull Distance to something like 1000, this value is cm and needs to be quite high to get the results you are looking for. Here is a bit more info on how they work and what settings to use.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, post back here and we can continue to troubleshoot.

Thanks, TJ

Ok I tried that and it didnt work, however the sky seemed to be culling, I could see clouds and stuff ,then when I moved back to a certain spot they disappeared.

There does seem to be an issue with culling physics objects at the moment, I’m looking into that now. Do you have Simulate Physics Enabled on the object you are trying to cull?

As for your clouds culling, that’s quite strange. Take a look at my settings below and make sure you are setup the same and that your Cull Distance Volume isn’t any bigger than your walk-able level.

Yes, Simulate physics is on for the cube, also I made the cull volume much smaller and still didn’t work :/. My settings are the same as yours and still nothing.

Oh and also I was able to somewhat get it to work in a previous level, however when it culled the objects they did not un-cull, and only a few objects culled even though they were under 10000 units.

You want the cull volume to encompass all of the objects that you want culled. In the above screenshot, just look at the Cull Distance Volume settings.

So there seems to be an issue with culling an object that is set to Movable. Set all of the Static Meshes that you want culled to Static and they should cull correctly after that. I am currently looking into why Movable objects can’t be culled and will update as soon as I have an answer.

To make sure that the clouds aren’t culedl (which is actually the entire sky sphere culling) you will need to go into the BP_Sky_Sphere.

  • Find it in the Scene Outliner and double click it.
  • Under the Components panel click the Sky Sphere mesh.
  • In the Details panel under Rendering, uncheck Allow Cull Distance then compile and save.

Ok, I changed the settings and made the object static and it now culls properly! I would appreciate the update on what is going on with the un-cullable moveable meshes whenever you find out. Thank you.

In case someone missed that detail, it should be noted that culling only works while playing, not while editing!

The documentation appears to be incorrect. After looking at the code and debugging it, I found that it does not treat the size parameter for each size/distance pair as a threshold, it simply selects the distance associated with the size that is closest to the size of the object.

For example, if your size/distance array is (100, 1000) and (200, 2000), then all object sized smaller than 150 will cull at 1000, and any object sized over 150 will cull at 2000. In the example you gave, ALL objects will cull at 1000, regardless of size.

Also, there is an explicit check in the code that excludes non-static primitives from consideration.