Cull Distance - Android


The Cull Distance in the Mobile Preview / Viewport seems to be off. The culling starts at around half the distance it should be.
On my Android devices the culling distance is as it is supposed to be.

Is it a bug ? It makes previewing and testing the mobile game on the pc a bit harder.

Hey Gaara,

If I could get a few pieces of information from you:

1.) How are setting your culling distance and what is it set to
2.) What is the version of the Android Device you are using
3.) If you would post a screen shot of what you are experiencing?
4.) Can you recreate this in another project?
5.) Is what you are doing supported by the Android Device?
6.) Can you give me a list of steps you took to create this issue?


Hey ,

Android Device: Nexus 6 - Android 5.11

I recreated it in another project.
Below is the test setup with the results for pc and android.
The distance between the cubes on the right is 1000. The Cull Distance is set to 2500.

The PC culls way more than the Android.

Hey just to check,

When you loaded your new project and you changed it to mobile/tablet did you also set up in the second dropdown under maximum quality did you also choose scalable 3d or 3D? This will put your project in a state to be ready for mobile development. Without it it won’t turn off certain features and could very well be computing different world space scaling on your Android.


My Target Hardware is set to Mobile/Tablet and Maximun Quality


When you start a new project there is a dropdown under Maximum quality. It is called Scalable 3D 2D. Try creating this project and then opening it with your mobile with those settings enabled.

I changed the setting to Scalable 3D 2D, it didnt change anything.

but like i said, the android cull distance seems to be fine, the cull distance in the Viewport / Editor Window seems off.

Hey Gaara,

I am currently looking into this issue. I will get back to you as soon as I am able.


i found the error and i feel pretty dumb right now …
My engine scalability view distance was set on medium.

sry for wasting your time and thank you again for your support.

i guess the engine scalability settings don’t apply to android and thats why i could see further in my android build …

Hey that’s what the learning process is all about,

You will know for the future and I am glad everything worked out.