CUBIXON OS (Blueprints)

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Preview - Youtube

Tutorial - Files & Profiles

Tutorial - Create new file type (basic)

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Cubixon OS gives you new templates and tools for creating glorious PC for your game. Base system logic (scene components) is separated from view logic (widgets).

**Flexibility: **Almost all cubixon objects are implementing a pack of interfaces (Executable, Container, Mutable) to communicate with rest of system, what gives you ability to adapt your own implementation in clean way without rewriting everything from zero - there’s always room for improvements.


  • Windows (themes, drag’n’drop, minimizing, obviously closing, independent visual representation).
  • Files - Component + Widget (delete, move, rename, drag’n’drop, icon size, flexibility).
  • Terminal - basic commands like ls, cd, mkdir, rm + cheats (+your imagination).
  • Shop app - Vendor Online.
  • Mail app - CubixonMail.
  • Music Player - Cubamp.
  • In-game themes for system.
  • Minimalizing visual features.
  • Video Player.
  • Picture Viewer.
  • 3D and 2D modes.
  • Ability to leave system running while you can go away from PC (with still updating screen/music playing)
  • Login screen.
  • Desktop.
  • Notepad.

Number of Blueprints: 42

Number of Widgets: 81

Number of Materials (and instances): 19

Number of Structures: 15

Input: (Keyboard, Mouse)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)

Documentation: Link

Contact: [EMAIL=“”]