Cubit Studios "Infinitesimals" - Looking for C++ Coder to help develop procedural animation system

Project Title:

Infinitesimals is a first person sci-fi adventure where you play as a 2mm tall aliens stuck in the “wilderness” of planet earth. It would be a dangerous place under normal circumstances but there also another alien faction down here and they don’t appear to be friendly. It’s fortunate then that you have a rather nifty vehicle to pilot called an Ajoxian Gyro:

I have an art log thread at polycount here where you can see more about the game:

Team Name:
Cubit Studios Ltd

Team Structure:
James McWilliams (Project Creator): Cubit studios is currently just myself alone. I have been working on Infinitesimals in my spare time for almost 2 years, although I have hired a couple of contractors here and there to help out. I work on the games design, art and sound/music and code via blueprints. I’m self funded, so I don’t have a lot of money - but that doesn’t mean I’m looking for the cheapest labour. Primarily I’m looking for someone who can do the job right and is easy to work with. A good attitude is key.

Previous Work:
My first games job was at Codemasters in 2003. There I worked on a variety of titles, including Toca Race Driver 3, Operation Flashpoint 2, Brian Lara Cricket among others. After 5 years I left and ended up at Realtime Worlds on APB until the company closed in 2010. I’ve also done a bunch of contract work for a variety of companies in recent years.

I founded Dry Ice Studios in Jan 2012, after pitching a game called EON and getting a publisher deal, I hired a team of around 8 people in addition to occasional contractors. Unfortunately the game was canned by the publisher after a year and a half.
Post mortem footage here: - YouTube

Most recently I did consultancy work for Microsofts “Crackdown 3” for almost 2 years, whilst working on Infinitesimals on the side.
Now however, i’m looking to focus on Infinitesimals.

Talent Required:
**C++ Programmer: ideally with experience with physics/animation in UE4. **

I’m looking to create a procedural animation system for the Ajoxian Gyro, the enemy machines and local wildlife, such as insects. I have found blueprints to be currently inadequate for implementing some of the desired features. Therefore I’m looking to hire a c++ coder to bridge the gap and implement a foundation system for setting pose states and parameters for moving feet - ideally with both kinematic and full physics. From there I can then take it forward with blueprints.

Although I had some initial success with physics motors, I quickly found that I couldn’t access many desired parameters in BP to take it further (and no doubt, some of that will be down to my lack of deeper programming ability!).

I won’t further pollute this thread with details,but hopefully this will give you a gist of what I’m looking for help with. Please get in touch with experience/portfolio/rates…
Any questions then feel free to ask…

PM me, or E-mail:

Awesome!! Seriously! keep up the stunning work!! Good luck!

I am a private game developer that has helped with a couple of major projects for ue4 in the past, we also have rewrote the source and implemented our own rendering engine into the system for updated graphics that are next gen, we are currently working a project for Epic, if you need the extra help maybe we can work together on each others projects.

Certainly open to a reciprocal arrangement :slight_smile: What sort of work do you need help with?

Thanks FilipeTessaro :slight_smile:

Congrats - amazing work. Good luck with your project. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: