Cubes and People?

Are there any basic tips or tuts anyone could share regarding scanning all 6 sides of a cube? I’m trying to make some models of my boss’ artwork. They’re 60lb granite sculptures so I cant exactly suspend them easily. Am I right in assuming this would take a combination of two scans?

Also, was wondering if there were any existent tutorials (or tips) for capturing people.

Thanks (as usual)

you should be able to join 2 scans together for the cube.

though you’ll need to out them together in a different 3d app.

as for people. I wouldn’t bother unless you have deep pockets :).

you should be able to do a google search for full body rig. (you sometimes see them on forums here too)

but you need a camera for every position, so you can quickly get to 100+ cameras that you need to buy. then figure out a good to take photo in sync with every other one. which means you probably can’t use usb to trigger them. and you have to worry about not having variations in shutter lag between each camera (you could end up buying a lot cameras that arn’t suitable).

personally I’m happy to buy from others who have set it up.

Tie points are sometimes used for that purpose as well.
As I understand it will be much easier if the background is as uniform as possible so that there is little possibility for errors in alignment. Or you can mask everything that is not the model itself. Thats feasible if you don’t have too many images - it does not need to be super accurate at the margins.
Also, make sure there is no strong directional light, because difference in shadow can sometimes cause problems.