Cubeo - First Person Puzzle Platformer with mild horror



Cubeo is a first person puzzle platformer that revolves around shrinking and growing cubes to solve a variety of puzzles.

Puzzle solving
Solve hundreds of puzzles related to the core concept of shrinking and growing cubes. As you progress additional challenges will add to the puzzle solving including beams that stop cubes from moving, timers that constantly shrink or grow them, turrets and even…

Tough enemies
There will be robots and trolls that you need to defeat with cubes! Explosive cubes, gigantic growing cubes and even ones you can pick up and move around.

Dotted around the dungeons are chests that give you coins. Spend coins at dispensers to earn yourself boosts for gameplay including increased fire rate, running speed or jumping height. And more to come.

Dynamic characters
Some characters will be neutral to your mission. How you engage with them is what determines their attitude towards you. Will you help the trolls or be a pest to them? Will they then help you defeat the robots or team up against you?


You were promised a paradise, love and security. A wizard guaranteed it, but upon walking through the portal of dreams you dropped into a world of darkness and horror. Now you must work your way out of the dungeon and traps of the wizard, and find what you were promised. Upon searching through the labrynth of evil, you find allies, friends, and horrific enemies.


Currently I have cube functionality, chests and coins, but need enemies, AI and blockers. I have a dungeon asset pack from the marketplace but need many new models, animations and assets for more content.
Over the coming weeks I plan to start a kickstarter to try and get the funds to make this all happen, but it’s been a very fun journey so far at least :slight_smile:






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