Cubemap flipped upside down in UE5

I want the player to see that the scene behind is upside down through the translucent material.

This is my current blueprint, I am using cubemap trying to simulate reflection and refraction of translucent material, but I don’t know how to make it image upside down. Can anyone help me?

How about?

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Thanks for your reply.
I tried your method but it seems to just make the reflection disappear



It turns it upside down for me, that’s all I can say…


I tried adding your method to refraction as well, and it works!

but I don’t know why the top half of the sphere is white, any idea?

I’d take all the other stuff out until you get it working, and then put it back in… :slight_smile:

This didn’t work for me, but using a ‘CustomRotator’ for a Z-axis did.