CUBE type world?

hi guys i am trying to create limitless procedurally generated world in voxel type like minecraft/cube world but so far without luck do you know of any tutorials how to do it in UE4 ?? i tried that one however it isnt writed in clear way so i stuck on part 2 lol

There are plenty of projects in the forums for that. Use the search button mate :wink:

Pretty sure there are even a few public repos for it.

I recommend brickgames or the cashgen plugin.
Brickgames provides nearly EVERYTHING for a minecraft-style editable cubic world, whereas cashgen features SMOOTH and EDITABLE voxel terrain, which might have been implemented using the marching cubes algorithm :smiley: Both of them feature infinite terrain btw
So, it depends on your preference :smiley:
Plus: I’m also making a voxel project which features infinite terrain, basic ai units, biomes, lakes and so on. I haven’t uploaded the source code, but if you’re interested and want to follow my progress: GitHub - DXGatech/Voxel-survival-primitive-UE4: This is a large-scale UE4 project, made to demonstrate how a voxel game can be implemented with UE4 and Instanced Static Mesh Component