Cube Ninja! A mathematically superior action platformer!

Hello Forum-goers! I’m here to show off my first game as an official Indie game development company, NonLocality Software.
The name of the game: Cube Ninja! (with the exclamation)

The trailer largely covers everything, and I won’t reveal spoilers here, but here is a breakdown:

Cube Ninja! is a first or third-person action puzzle/platformer, set with an 80’s cybergames vibe.
The object of the game is to Smash and Dash your way to victory, through 6 different game modes:
Solo- Work your way through progressively harder puzzles, while fighting enemies and avoiding hazards.
Multiplayer- Play with or against your fellow ninjas in a variety of gametypes
Custom Games-Make custom gametypes using any multiplayer type, or make a unique mode
Conquest- Survive waves of enemies and unlock new areas and power-ups as you go
Sandbox- Ultimately the crux of the game, the sandbox is a robust level editing tool that lets you, the player, create and modify levels for any other game mode to the same degree that I, as the developer, can. I believe in the creativity of the community
Replay Theater- a gameplay replay tool, as well as a lite machinima tool

Every mode (with the exception of replay theater and vanilla solo maps) are completely customizable. Again, I believe in the power of the community to be creative. So I will allow the player to modify every setting and property for characters, gamemodes, powerups, sandbox elements, etc. The levels you create will not be any less capable than what I can create (with the obvious exception of custom code, which won’t be used) I can only take the game so far, that’s where the community comes in.

Yeah!! #1 Game right here.