Cube Mapping

In UE4 you have a camera that can capture cube maps, even capture it every frame. Not the best thing in the entire world but the closest I am getting right now to recording a 360 video. Issue is there is no way to really set it up to record every frame as a video. Nor even to output a single image each frame so far. I have no clue how to code blue prints have nothing for me and I hear python is the easiest to learn to code. I am curious as to how to code for a cube map. Audio does not even need to be included I can record it with something else on the side and do add it later. I am unsure even if a cube map will work well for a 360 video but it works for a picture at least last I checked. So anyone know a way to take the thing that is basically recording the scene frame by frame and actually output it out as a video or is this a c++ question? It seems simple in blueprints at first. You know capture, convert to texture, or image or whatever, and export to x location each frame or press of button but there is no conversion for it. Nice little gap between one set of blueprints and another that cannot be crossed/connected. I once got a file out of it but I have no clue what that would have even been to be honest (besides it would need to take the name and gradually add numbers to it over time in a sequential order and I dunno how to do that). This is for a friends birthday but she is willing to wait on it so that is something.

and before you ask I tried Ansel and macro recording it never registered the click of the capture button only done. I also have no money to buy the tutorial for it.

Just Google 360 video and UE4, there’s plenty of information on this topic.

Not enough for anything. Pay walls a majority of the time.

You can’t export a render target for a cube scene capture (why.png) but you can export scene2d captures, so you can project your cube scene capture onto a plane, then set up a scene2d capture to capture that plane. Really easy to do with just 360 mono but also possible for 360 stereo with some shader math.