CTRL + LMB + Drag stops working when transform widget is out of view

Hi, I’m new to the Unreal Engine and I was following the Introduction to UE4 Level Creation videos on Youtube.

I was trying to line up some parts of the level and had to zoom in close to a corner and I was using the CTRL + LMB + Drag to move a window, and I noticed that it works if I zoom out, but when I zoom in close, it does nothing.

For example, in this view CTRL + LMB + Drag will work to move the object along X-axis:

I use the mouse wheel to zoom in on the corner so I can fine tune, and at this level CTRL + LMB + Drag does not work at all:

This seems to have something to do with the visibility of the XYZ widget. If I zoom in on the corner where the widget is, then it works. But if I zoom in on the opposite corner, it won’t. Of course, when the widget is out of view is exactly when I need to be able to move the object some other way.

Hey Paul,

Thank you so much for providing this information. I have submitted a jira report to our developers. If you’d like to refer to this bug in the future, please reference: UE-17520

If you have any further questions, please let us know! Have a great day!

Hey Paul,

I wanted to let you know that at this time, the Developers did not see an issue with this transform widget so that report has been closed out. However we will be keeping an eye on it and if we notice it’s changed too much over the next few updates, another report will be sent to them.

Thanks! :slight_smile: