Ctrl Dragging and Object into a Different Sub-Level Dirties Origional Level

If I have Level A and Level B in my persistent level.

  • Item A is in Level A.
  • Level B is the Current Level
  • If I CTRL Drag Item A, it makes a new copy in Level B.
  • However now, Level A is dirtied, this even though nothing changed in it.
  • Level B is also dirtied as expected.


I’ve been able to reproduce this behavior, and have entered a ticket for our developers to investigate. You can use the link below to keep track of this issue:

Thank you for your report.

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I read the ticket, and I would also like to clarify, that this dirties the level where the object was being ctrl dragged from
If your persistent level has sublevels A,B,C,D… and you ctrl drag an object in B while D is the Active Level, then B will be dirtied, when it shouldn’t have been.

Great, thanks for the information. I’ve added that to the ticket for clarification.

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