CTF-Azimuth [Unreal Tournament 4]












Map download: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtour…25-ctf-azimuth

Nice work, I love the shapes and how the different pieces of the architecture flow well together. One of these days I’m going to get around to doing a UT4 map. =P


Do it dude. They could really use more maps that aren’t just rehashing the same two building sets over there!

I think I will. I’ve also got a character lined up that I’ve been wanting to do. Hopefully I can tackle that layer this year. =)

Looks cool :wink:
Did you create all the content?

A couple textures were made by my buddy Paul, but otherwise, the level design and environment art was done by me.

E: that said there’s a small handful of epic’s assets too, primarily the rocks mud and generic grass.

Ok that’s great. I really like your design and the meshing.

For the lighting, there is not enough contrast for me but perhaps it is wanted to cover the needs of the gameplay.
The outdoor is original… Did you use a kuler wheel for the overall colorization ? I ask this because at some places there are some small mismatch between colors…by example, some outdoor lights(top of the doors) would have deserved to have a slightly more yellowish lighting ( like in the middle of the central bridge) :wink:

Perhaps, outdoor, a big color sign each side for the teams would be cool aswell… big one (on top on each central bridge door by example).

It’s a mix of that. If this were Cryengine I would have a lot more freedom to tweak the lighting to get the perfect balance between contrast in areas where I can get away with it, and clean lighting in playable areas, but lighting in Unreal even on preview takes such a painfully long time that it’s just to make some changes then wait 1-6 hours to see the changes and whether they worked or not.

I think I originally had those lights a bit more yellowish, then I decided I liked orange better and stuck with it. I also took those lights above the door out shortly after the video because I felt they drew the player to look at an unimportant gameplaywise area.

There’s the colour flags beside the door, but now that you mention it their colour is off compared to the outdoor lights on the rest of the facility. I’ll fix that next time I have to update this.

i loooooooooooooooooooooooove fog


what a shame this map hasn’t gotten the exposure it deserves. ■■■■ good work.

dead game :<

also thx :>

pretty sweet!!! :slight_smile: