CSV file specs

I’m using OpenOffice to make my csv files to import into UE4, And it asks what character set to use for the file, but I dont know what to put in. It was defaulting to a Western Europe set. I tried importing with Unicode UTF-8, but even that doesnt seem to work. I have to edit each file in plain text editor, Notepad++, to get everything to import properly. Which is fine right now where I only have 5 entries. But once I get to several dozen to a few hundred, its going to be a big pain.

Its not getting the double quotes right. In the western europe set it seemed to be an italicised ", and now with UTF-8 its showing up as a completely incorrect character. → ” whatever the hell that is. When imported into UE4, the old italicised " showed up as a ? in the datatable, so a text field was ?Long Sword? And the ” wrecks the row its on, and the following row.

Is there any documentation for what file format the csv needs to be? How is it handled when imported into the editor?

Ok, this is definately not a perfect system. I think I’ve fixed the quotation issue, Openoffice was replacing regular double quotes with ‘smart quotes’, which has a different symbol for the start and end. Under Autocorrect settings, Localized options, turn off the replace checkbox for the double quotes, as explained in this link: openoffice - Preventing LibreOffice from using smart quotes (“ ”) instead of (dumb) straight quotes? - Super User

So the csv seems to need to be Unicode UTF-8, and if you’re using an excel or openoffice to create the file, turn off the smart quotes.

And just a note for others looking at csv files:
Openoffice doesnt seem to parse the rows very smartly, if I have this: “Its not sharp, but it’ll work” as a field, UE4 correctly parses the text as being one field, while openoffice sees the comma and puts “but it’ll work” into a different cell. I can turn off the cells being seperated by commas, but that kinda defeats the point of using openoffice calc!

faced the same problem and tried to disable the option as mentioned higher … Didn’t work, and did not understand why … After editing the csv file in notebook and examining it I found nothing wrong. So I tried to save it (unchanged) from the text editor (like a simple text file but wth csv extension instead of txt. Then surprinsingly, it worked

Since there was no change - only a simple saving - I suppose this is due to some extra data or information that libreOffice put in the file that perturbs UE4 in the import process.