CSG / BSP mapping tools progress (Geometry 2.0 ?)

I am wondering if there has been any progress on getting Radiant-like or better CSG / BSP mapping tools ? Or is it one of the low priority projects ? Thanks.

Hi motorstep,

Geometry Editor 2.0 is still being assessed by the development staff. However, it is a large undertaking so I do not have a timeframe of when noticeable progress will be made. The best thing to do at present is look for the Engine Features Previews we post in the announcements section along with Engine Release Notes, which cover everything we add to the engine for specific releases or, in the case of the Engine Features Preview it describes planned features for future releases.


That would be so good. That is VERY needed. I am coming from making levels in Source engine, and to block out something in BSP in UE4 is SUCH A PAIN! Upgraded BSP editing would be very apreciated.

The main point is the option to manipulate one face of the cube by not affecting the other faces in 3d view. In very basic words - just add a x-y-z manipulator thing NOT in the middle of a cube, object whatever. But one on each face or side you are viewing the object. That allows me to move a wall in one direction and not affect the other side of the wall. You cant do that now. That SOO frustrating. And that would add a lot of editing power.

Thank you. Hope that BSP tools are coming…

Probably there are some plugins to do that?


I am pretty new to unreal engine so sory if i point out thing that actualy are ment to be that way.

I am coming from making levels in Source engine. And it’s realy easy to shape out a level in Hammer, because whatever the object you select you can scale or manipulate every face individualy. Like in BSP editing mode you can select a face of a cube lets say and move it where you want it to be and not affect the other opposite face. I would call it an option not to have one moving and scaling point in the center of the object. But 6 scaling and moving points. That adds a lot of freedom and SPEED for creation. If i want to make something fast in BSP or static mesh. It’s a pain right now. The option to manipulate in 3d view with a cubes face should always be enabled.
I know that know you can select a cubes face to manipulate it in BSP editing mode. But still i have to fly my camera there. Click it. And only then i can manipulate the shape of the cube. That should be made easyer for faster level creation. Another thing is i canot manipulate individual faces of static mesh cubes.

From reading other posts about this topic i understand that UE is aiming at manipulating the form of the object and then placing it where it is needed. Bet the placement of that object is kinda not easy right now. It’s hard to put in words so if you ever worked with hammer you know what i am talking about, the option to always manipulate 4 sides of the object is so much more easyer than having one middle manipulation point.
That would realy increase the building quality and time… Thank you. And seems i am not the only one noticing this :slight_smile:

Hi VanuDzhan,

You should already be able to adjust/extrude individual faces. If you go to your Modes menu and switch to “Geometry” Mode, you can select a bsp and then select individual vertices, lines, and faces and alter them appropriately.