CS error generating Project files

Just added my first C++ files to my project, and when i try and generate project files, so I can see the C++ files in the content browser, I get this error.

  1. While compiling G:\Projects\bball\STR_StrongStyle_v2\Intermediate\Build\BuildRules\STR_StrongStyle_v2ModuleRules.dll:
  2. g:\Projects\bball\STR_StrongStyle_v2\Intermediate\Source\STR_StrongStyle_v2.Build.cs(3,14) : error CS0101: The namespace ‘’ already contains a definition for ‘STR_StrongStyle_v2’
  3. g:\Projects\bball\STR_StrongStyle_v2\Intermediate\Source\STR_StrongStyle_v2.Target.cs(3,14) : error CS0101: The namespace ‘’ already contains a definition for ‘STR_StrongStyle_v2Target’
  4. ERROR: UnrealBuildTool Exception: Unable to compile source files.

Not sure what this means. I googled around for similar issues, but i’ve only seen this happen with plugins. Any ideas?

Have you tried deleting (or even just moving) your Intermediate folder and then attempted to re-generate your project files? If you have and that didn’t work, there’s probably a small typo or something in your header files somewhere that the built tools don’t like.

This worked for me thanks!