Crystals Of Theia - by 'Pix On Screen'

Crystals Of Theia (COT) is an adventure/puzzle game with action and a great storyline a la Uncharted/Tomb Raider/Deadfall Adventures, developed in Unreal Engine 4 by Chris Van Wijmeersch (2D/3D artist/project manager/level design/programming/musician), Harry Danglers (programmer/3D artist), Johnny Picciafuochi (programmer), Julian Schuller (music composer), Daniel Pitts (programmer), Sean Byrne (3D artist) and Isaak Wells (male voice actor).


*…Alissa Hunt, treasure huntress by occupation, gets an emergency call from her best friend and Mentor Paul Groitz, who was investigating an old myth regarding the Seven Crystals of Theia, scattered around the globe.

According to the ancient myth, these crystals contain great powers that can make human knowledge evolve by a factor of thousand.

Paul Groitz was onto something, but he’s not the only one it seems.

Can Alissa rescue her best friend Paul? Can she discover the truth behind the legend of the Seven Crystals? Who are the bad guys and can Alissa prevent them from taking the Crystals for their evil plans?

There’s only one way to find out…*

Game Features:


  • Third/First person 3D adventure/puzzle/action game, a la Indiana Jones…
  • Solve easy to challenging puzzles: logic puzzles, realtime physics puzzles, trigger puzzles, etc…
  • Investigate and search for items that will help you to solve the puzzles or keep you alive,
  • Basic survival aspects,
  • Enemies will never be at the same location, and will wander randomly each time.
  • Some puzzles will be solveable in multiple ways, thus increasing the replay value.
  • Enemy fighting: kill a variety of creatures and bad guys.
  • Inventory system: found items are needed to activate/trigger ingame events/kill enemies/solve puzzles.


  • Powered by Unreal Engine 4. a professionnal game engine that is both powerfull and easy to use,
  • Advanced DirectX 11 & 12 rendering features such as full-scene HDR reflections, thousands of dynamic lights per scene, artist-programmable tessellation and displacement, IES lighting profiles and much more.
  • Physically Based Shading to achieve ultra-realistic materials,
  • High quality textures, detailed models,
  • Cool particle effects used for bullet impacts, dust, fog, mist and more.

Sound and Music:

  • High quality and atmospheric music composed by our very talented music composer Julian Schuller,
  • Unreal’s powerfull audio system allows for high quality immersive audio mixing,
  • Realistic sounds used to enhance the gaming experience.
  • Professional voice acting by talented artists.


Ingame cutscenes unveiling bits of the story.

This game was initially started in Leadwerks Engine, later in Unity, but because of the Unity license change, and also because Unreal Engine IS better ;), I decided to convert my game over to UE4.
You can follow my game project on IndieDB, where it is on 27th place out of 36360 games atm. Thanks for all who made that happen! :slight_smile:

I’ve had a few voice acting proposals from very talented people, including a guy who has worked for Frank DeNota the CGI Creator of ICE AGE, with Blue Sky Studios on Dinosaur Battlegrounds, and working now as a voice actor for Onyx Studios INC. for " Tribal Instincts: Survival " which has attended E3 this year. I’m still discussing the details with him to see if we can colaborate.
There’s also a lovely lady named Katabelle, who offered her vocal talent to do the voices for Alissa, the main character in ‘Seventh Crystal Of Theia’.

I’m using 3DCoat, Zbrush, iClone 6 Pro, Lightwave 3D, Paintshop Photo Pro and a few other programs for art creation/animation.

The trees I’m using for a forest level in my game are from the ‘Conifer Forest Collection’ asset pack by MAWI United GmbH, because they are simply amazing, and also because it helps for a small indie company to get results faster.
But, not to worry! Wherever I can, I create the art myself. :wink:


Two new members have joined our team! Let’s welcome Tony Winslade and Harry Danglers!
Here’s the updated Pix On Screen team line up:

  • Myself: 2D/3D and environmental artist, level design, musician, animator and basic programming (blueprints)
  • Roland Strålberg: programming/blueprints
  • Julian Schuller: music composer
  • Tony Winslade: programming/blueprints
  • Harry Danglers: programmer/artist

Kind regards!