Crystal Squad the first FPS game created 100% in România by a 17 years old developer

Hello, my name is Alex Hang, I am 17 years old and I live in Bucharest, Romania.
Now I am working in a FPS game, whose action will take place in various locations such as Bucharest, London, Berlin, Moscow,International Space Station,Beijing and many others. The game will have a pretty long storry (20 levels, each of about 30 minutes ).
All the assets are created using Tinkercad, and Paint.
I have a low-spec PC, and I am planning to make the game available for low-end PC.
If You like this project and You can donate 2$, please help me finnish this project here…ed-in-romania/
I attached some screenshots from the game in progress, If You have any feedback for me please comment.
Best comments and all donators will be referenced in the Credits part of the game.
Thank you