Crystal Myth: a Ludum Dare Jam game

For the 29th Ludum Dare we made Crystal Myth: an atmospheric exploration game. You can download an installer of the full game here:

Download link (Windows)
Download link (Mac)

And if you also participated in the Ludum Dare you can vote for the game here:

Ludum Dare game page

The game was created from scratch in three days. All assets were custom made for the game during the jam expect for a few textures.

Full team credits:
Game by Joel van Neerbos, Arne Bezuijen and Mark Kloeg
Music by Mark Kloeg (composition, harp, synth) Smit (cello), Boere (uilleann pipes) and Olivier van Nooten (mixing, beats)

Love the simplified art style, lighting and music!

Wow, really good job. I love the look of it. I’m also amazed at how small the installer is. How’d you swing that?

Thanks for the comments, it was a lot of fun to make it.

I’m also amazed at how small the installer is. How’d you swing that?

As it’s just a small jam game we tried to keep it small, you don’t want to download a few gigs for a few minutes of gameplay. As all assets get packaged whether you use them or not, so we started our project without any starter content, we wanted unique assets anyway. Secondly and probably most importantly the whole game uses a grand total of 14 texture maps, half of those were the different normal maps for the modular rock pieces. Most shaders just reused the same simple micro pattern texture in various ways to create their look. Finally innosetup, which we used for the installer, is quite efficient. It saved 40 mb compared to simply zipping the files.

Looks nice! I like it :slight_smile:

Wow that’s actually quite calming, great work.

Looks (and sounds) great, I look forward to trying it.

looks like it would be a great Oculus experience.

Arnage, to make emission map baking textures in 3ds max, with subsurface scattering material and source of light under the crystal.

Small update: the results have been posted and out of a little over a 1000 entries we got second place in graphics, fifth for mood and seventh for audio :slight_smile: Overall we ended 17th, which we’re also quite happy with.

@ : I agree, although sadly I haven’t been able to convince my rational side that I actually need one just yet…

@TAXI: I’m not sure what you mean, are you asking how we did the emissive crystals? If so, you are actually quite right that it’s a combination of an emmisive material and lights hidden inside to provide the actual lighting on the environment.

not a question


not a question



Thanks, there is a lot we could improve indeed, including the crystals. However, we only had 72 hours so we had to keep things simple to be able to finish in time.

Fast masters!