Crysis 3 like menu in UE4

I am completely new to the Unreal Engine, and I have zero experience, so I am currently learning the tool. right now I am trying to make the main menu, and since it is not that hard I wanted to take it to the next level (or at least try). I want to make the menu rotate according to the mouse’s position.
This video might help you to understand what I am willing to create: says something about ‘Scaleform’ which I never heard about (I only worked with the Source engine so far).
SO, how do you do it?

Hi @ThebluemiX, welcome to the forums.

Check out the UMG (Unreal Motion Graphics) getting started guide in the docs.

There are probably a few ways to set something like this up. I don’t have the most experience with UMG myself, but I imagine you might get some ideas once you’ve poked around in it. As for the effect, it’s going to be a matter of moving and rotating the UI in the opposite direction when it’s near the edges, which should be doable by checking the X coord of the mouse position while it’s moving around, and doing stuff when it’s above or below a certain threshold.

I’ll give it a go, thanks.