CryEngine / Crytek employees are NOT being Paid for months now

Should epic games buy this Engine? will developers really trust Crytek?

Anybody else find this piece of news rather disturbing? especially considering Crytek is a German Company?

So they have to get a loan from a German Bank to pay their workers? WTF!!!

Why would Epic buy CryEngine?

Was thinking for its IP

Why would they want that?

Because crysis is awesome duh lmao

Actually the only good selling Crysis was the first one.
When the graphics novelty was gone CryTek lost most of its market appeal; then they went F2P and then Mobile, but none worked for them.

What I am waiting for is the first game engine editor and not game editor.
In other words a program that enables you to build a game engine and not a game.
That would be kinda awesome I think )

Surely a ‘game engine editor’ is just a game engine…

Otherwise, you have Visual Studio.

You got me there :slight_smile:

Sounds like they are in a …crysis.
All employees have reason to…cry(tek)

Sorry, couldnt resist bad punnung.

But jokes aside, the media/entertainment industry in germany is ****ed up. Ive heard stories from people not getting paid in film studios as well from my current co-workers.