CRYENGINE Contest Starting Soon!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been preparing a contest exclusively for CRYENGINE for our CRYENGINE.Developers group over Facebook and I have finally posted the rules and guidelines today.
If anybody wants to participate and win the prize please don’t hesitate to join the group at: Facebook Groups
The pinned post is what you would be looking for.

And sorry, I don’t have a UE4 group, maybe in the future. :slight_smile:


Aww ****. Why isn’t it a contest about well-endowed anime girls ? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Anyway, great initiative mate. Congratz. Wish I had the talent of environment art. Will be watching though :smiley:

EDIT: Don’t forget to post into forums also ! :smiley:

Because anyone with skills making Well-Endowed anime girls is making stuff for Skyrim or Second Life. :slight_smile:

LOL :smiley: That is right :smiley:

I also want to make games that people who have the skills to make “well-endowed” anime girls would like to make mods for :smiley:

Well go do it! :slight_smile: But don’t expect any Well endowed anime girls from me! :wink:

@TAN_, You are a character artist, why not make the devil himself? :slight_smile:


Wait, isn’t this an environment art contest ? I can make a good character but nothing else you know (no good looking throne or room)

Gee, you are such a killjoy :wink:

Well a character alone wouldn’t guarantee the win, but also wouldn’t go unnoticed. But keep in mind it’s supposed to be realistic. :wink:

I am not a killjoy! It would just look really weird if people saw me moddling that. Because all my family would see it! That would be weird to explain! :slight_smile: