Cryengine 5.5 update features increased heightmap resolution - Does UE4 have any plans to do this?

So I believe the new heightmap resolution for Cryengine 5.5 is now at .25 meters per unit (UE4 is still at 1 meter) with a total size of 8192x9192. If UE4 increased heightmap resolution, I could scrap having to use static meshes for my terrain. Anybody have any insight on if or when UE4 will do this?

The roadmap for Unreal is public available here: Trello

Nope, you are totally free to select any resolution as applicable to your project in UE4.

yep. all you need to do is downscale the landscape actor.
at 0.25 meters per quad you’d be limited to a single 2k landscape though, but you can always use world composition if you need something bigger