CryEngine 3.7 Released / A Bounce for the Better ?

So I really thought all hope was last, but dat changelog :smiley: … they pretty much put their best in it for sure.

Also community is showing signs of wish for more contribution. I am also trying to push things at that front as much as possible. Well… I hope CryEngine makes a bounce and UE4 and CryEngne keep pushing each other like good old days (yes I am old, got problem ? :smiley: )

That amount of fixes indicates how broken the engine was since this release. And well, there is still more than that to fix according to the forums.
Also if you had a WIP project at your hands you was doomed to redo lots of things since porting from 3.6 to 3.7 is entirely breaking your art. May it be your awesome ToD or something else.

Edit: Also just like before, according to the team I work for they have broken some tools that were previously working fine. I’d give it a try as soon as someone else hires me to do some work in it and I’ll see how it is. But yeah almost no one hiring artists for cryengine projects these days. :slight_smile:

I really hope they bring in something like blueprints.
With their terrain / river / watervolumes and fog volumes capabilities… man… would be pure awesomeness.

Several of the fixes were due to upgraded tech and also reincorporating previous tech that had been an issue with deferred rendering. Many see the engine as having smaller updates but the big thing to understand is that the engine in regards to CE has been around for years in the same framework. The framework of UE is much newer so the updates have been frequent and fast. Not to dismiss the effort and quality of the UE changelogs and community help. It is incredible and overall I have no complaints in that regard. Acknowledging the age of the engine does need to be accounted for. The final position needs to be in terms of UE and its modularity. It allows for full tweaking and caters to a larger audience and more devs in that regard. On the other end CE has had to decrease the flexibility of their engine to capitalize on the quality of the final product. When viewing the engine the best approach and sobering reality is that you need to be content with the limitations in the engine if you don’t have a full team with substantial experience in engine programming. It is not meant to be moldable like Unreal and Crytek has stated their product was never meant to be taken as a similar service. On the other hand Unreal is def making grounds in the rendering dept with their foliage and opaque shaders. Anyone in the CE community needs to continue to be open to both products because the Unreal is taking over even their most precious area of realtime visuals. The archvis people post on these forums easily beats CE in that area and the realtime procedural foliage I have seen is quality too. The one thing I have not seen to the same level is some of their SSS and other opaque-like shaders. That has improved substantially though since the engine released last year.

UE4 list fixes is huge also. Engine broken? If you say so…

They have their own mesh editor??

Yes it has always been in the engine and was formerly known as the solid tool. They keep improving it but most of the experienced devs stick to using it for whiteboxing. It has quite a bit of functionality now but without a decent UVing solution that isn’t based on face selection it wont give amazing results. Only one guy works on it though and for what it is and 1 guy I will say it has been updated quite steadily over time and it is not a bad tool. UDK had the same type of functionality years ago.

I’m interested to see how the Character Tool pans out.

What’s good about their terrain?

@TDoro, Depends on the fixes. UE4 has smaller things to fix compared to CE like procedural vegetation is still broken in CE since long ago. And if your game needs it you just have to switch to another engine because no one has a clue if it will ever get fixed. Yes things like that make CE a broken engine.

Technically its the way you texture the terrain that i love and find it simpler and much quicker to generate great results.
Its more artistic than mathematical. And you have the ability to tint your brushes which is invaluable.

Also loading and saving times when working with large terrains is vastly different in the two engines.

The way you texture the terrain in CE is to load up your textures in material and use a circular brush to paint over terrain. The circular brush is one of the many brushes you have in UE4. I think you basically meant setting up materials in CE is easier than UE4. Apart from the really quick loading/saving times their terrain offers nothing really.

From what I’ve seen still no FBX import…
Import content inside Cryengine has always been a huge issue for me and its one of the main reason why I won’t be doing anything with it…

@ Maximum-Dev. Yeah you are right, there are still many things to fix. But it really feels good to see some improvement and speed up you know. For example the POM Self Shadowing fixed is just confirmed for the next release (Man it has been ages, No more flat ground on midday ! :smiley: ) Also yeah I really share your point of lacking community. Hoping and working to see things turn around.

@ Jezcentral I am trying it currently. If I get something out I can share it here. but currently it feels really close to UE4’ animation and setup tools as far as I can tell.

@ Martin Bean Yes, Collin really explained it well. Think of it something like a creative and easy way to make static models. Very versatile and in dedicated hands seems to be potent. It started as a “block out” tool for carrying models between engine and modelling tools an then turned into it’s own thing. I suppose general idea is that you won’t have to buy a modeling tool just for static objects in your game or something.

@ Nicolas3D There is FBX support for static meshes completely and according to a user a 6.5 million verts building can be imported within 20 seconds. FBX support for characters, vehicles and everything else is confirmed for future releases though when will be available I am unaware.

Again I am using both currently, and that contributed to my understanding on an unexpressable level (in fact many things made sense after I started with UE4) and I would really like to see both on strong grounds.

Good devving everyone ! :smiley:

Everyone is moving to UE4 because it’s simple to understand or use, because blueprints allow people to make games without coding. Epic provides lot of documentation and regular twitch support and updates. What else :cool: ?

CollinBishop hmm, you’re the guy from the cryengine forum right ? Every here and there i’m looking through the cryengine forums for some news and i always see you posts.
You are one of the very few active members on the cryengine forums which actually know what they are doing :cool: Nice to see you here on the forums!

After the 3.7 release i think i will take a look at the new features, UE4 is in my opinion by far the better engine! But Jesus this stupid light maps make me look a few times a year on the cryengine and it’s fully dynamic lighting.

Cryengine Blueprints… please god no.

And the reason many actual programmers are moving away from UE4 back to engines with proper scripting support.

I’d be curious to see your evidence for that.

I think the main reason for any move away from UE4 is the AAA studios specialising in their own in-house engines. I don’t see this in the Indie space.

3.7 is just stunning … and you don’t need TitanX to run the demo level. I am not sure how to interpret your “broken engine”, troll or? Sure is easy to bash anything…

On one of my projects, I’ve made basic prototype in UE4 and CE3, and frankly, everything is much better in CE3. Far from broken how you said. And real time GI is just priceless…

If it’s acting far better than UE4 then your project is far more limited than typical UE4 projects. If you want to see I’m trolling or not, try to use procedural vegetation in your level. Or try making a terrain bigger than 4k. No you can’t. These are just really basic things. But if you are happy with it, want to ignore these things and don’t want more it doesn’t mean CE is stunning. It means CE is just suitable for your project.

Edit: You know dude, actually, nobody is trying to prove a point. If CE is good for you, then happy CryEngining. After a few years when you are done playing with eye candy visuals and their tools you’ll start to find things that are holding you back and that’s the point you turn against it.