Crydia: Fragments of Chaos

Hey guys,
some weeks ago i started a community project to create a full game from start to finnish. Until now we already made a lot of progress so i decided to start a little video series on my Youtube channel showing off our progress and allowing a behind the scenes look into the actual process of game development.

About the Game:
The game we are working on is called “Crydia: Fragments of Chaos”. It is a Action Rpg and takes place in a fantasy, medieval setting. Further the game will heavily rely on story and an interesting combat system merging both sword and magical combat. If you want to learn more about it feel free to check out the link to dev diary video :slight_smile:

Dev Diary:
Episode #01

Episode 2

Hey there, I am back with an update on the community game project “Crydia - Fragments of Chaos”.
This time, I show off the progress that has been made with particular focus on those aspects:

***Level Design
Visual Effects
Character Meshes
Enemy Concept Arts
Sound Effects
Inventory System
Equipment System
Looting System

Dev Diary #02