Crushing Walls

Hi Folks!

I’m working in a 3D studio as 3D modeler.

Now, i have to do a small project with UE4, never used to work with engines or similar resources…and i’m terrible in coding.

My problem is:

I built this room, simple room.
4 walls and a floor.
I have to press a button during this test, example X, and the wall should to start moving (Like a dungeon trap!)
Relasing the X button should stop moving and pressing another button the action should be reversed.

Now…do you think is possible to do with minimal skills as mine, on this software?

Sorry for the bad english guys! Hope someone can help me in this nightmare!

Just one room and one movable wall? Then:

Create the room with 4 walls, and set one wall as movable:

In the level blueprint:

With the timeline as a single float curve:

Set the variables indicating the coordinates of the initial and final position of the wall.


Its fairly simple, so yes, someone with 0 background but the knowledge to make the assets would be able to do this in BP quickly.

If English isn’t a barrier for you, I would suggest having a look at the Academy stuff.
almost any of the BP starting tutorials will teach you enough to do this on your own > coupled with the tip from above.

You could even just use Matinee, and go that route.

Anyway, to save you some work.

For the key pressed to work, you must first configure the keys in Input settings
then, you can use the Game Mode blueprint and a few Cast To nodes go transmit the “start/stop”.

because you aren’t acting on a character (which has control by default) this isn’t as immidiate as you may otherwise think…

Thank You guys!

I will try this set as you suggested and let you know f i figure it out!

Is the first time, after starting whith Zbrush 5 years ago, that i felt so confused about tabs and functions!

It means a lot for me, thank you again, i will post the result hoping all will be fine!

I did it!!!

Thank you so much!

The only problem is that if i set 2 walls (with different keys) one of the 2 walls disappear!!!
I will take a look at coordinates of the object in order to have a clean script.

Thank you again!

In case you need some modeling with Zbrush just let me know will be a pleasure help you!

For two walls:

And once again, the second wall, must be set to movable.

Note, however, the only reason I did this way, was because it was supposed to be only 1 wall. For more walls or some other structure, a BP actor would be way better and more adaptable.

Sorry for the late reply.
Do not care about that! Without your help barely understood how to!

I appreciate your help a lot, thank you again , have a wonderful monday!