Crushing a Player Using Meshes: Is it Possible?

Hello Everyone!

I am working on a game I would really enjoy putting in a section where the player can be crushed by two walls closing in on them (you know what I mean, creepy hallway, moving walls, maybe a few spikes).

Now I have my wall mesh… and now I’m at a loss.
How exactly could I go about making this?

Would this be a script?
Is it as simple as animations and colliders?

Thanks in Advance,

I would start with animations and colliders. If your using spikes, you could spawn a volume around the spikes which applies damage. If your using two walls that move toward each other to crush the player you could go a couple different routes. The first being you could spawn a volume when the walls are really close together. This volume would also apply damage to your character. Another way would be to detect when the player character is touching both walls at the same time. When the player overlaps both walls, apply damage to the player. There are several other ways you could go about setting these up! Hope this gets you started in the right direction.

Thanks for the reply.

Is there any way you can start me off. Truth be told UE4 is slightly intimidating, I didnt think it would be such a big jump coming from UDK, but I feel like click one thing will mess up my map.
I get what you mean in UDK terms. Should I basically do the exact thing in UE4 (I mean Blueprint is basically Kismet 2.0; and all the volumes are still added the same way right?).


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