Crusader Historical Rigged Character setup for Mannequin


This authentic styled Crusader Costume has been meticulously researched and great attention to detail and care has been followed to produce this great looking costume for Unity 5

The model is provided without animations, but rigged and set up for Mannequin so you can utilise your own animations.

The Tabbard Cross Decal Is also a separate mesh! and we intend to produce many different variations shortly for different division uniforms within the Crusaders.

Two LODS are included

Base - 40k

LOD 1 - 22k

LOD 2 - 8k

Shader maps setup for Unreal PBR include Albedo, Normal, Height, Spec, AO.

Pack can be purchased for $14.99 from the below link at Arteria3d

Good job:)