Cruise Control Entertainment

Hello all, I invite you to visit our website and use our prototypes. Any questions are welcome.

Thank you.

Any reason the so called “RPG” prototype was 5.7gb of nothing but the already free Infinity Blade assets?

Hi Echosyp. I am sorry, I didn’t mention the features we made. Yes we combined all the Infinity Blade assets it is why it’s so huge. The idea is to prototype something with all those assets. I will be providing some tutorials. We wanted to release the 1.0 version of each with each update more content will be added. The rpg one doesn’t really have much yet. What it has is a camera zoom depending on the character action, he has a 3 hit combo and he gains experience by killing the AI, gaining levels to increases attack damage and he sheathes his weapon. Sorry for the disappointment, I hope in the future to have more content.

Hi, just finished making page 1 of the 3 hit combo tutorial. It can be found under the Learn How button,!rev12/qxiiz

Hello all. another update on my page 2 tutorial,!blank/jkma6, I was not able to finish it today but I will continue to work on it later. Any advice you guys have?

Update, almost done with page 2.!blank/jkma6