CRTify - The CRT screen builder

Available here!

CRTify is a collection of assets that help you build the perfect CRT screen in Unreal Engine 4.

Want a PC monitor style circular shadow mask at 640x480 resolution with the green subpixels toned down a little and a particular non-symmetrical triad layout? Or perhaps an aperture grille like your old Trinitron had? Are you a stickler for authenticity and insist that NTSC standard pixels should be taller than they are wide? Do you not know what any of that means and just want to slap on some materials you don’t understand so your retro game looks more authentic? We’ve got you covered.

Oh and everything is generated procedurally, no cheating with sampled textures here. That makes it especially good for adding point blank details to security or spaceship monitors that stay pixel perfect.

(ad copy over) I’m also working on implementing all those twisty knobs they had:

And several artifacts, like the fringing caused by electron guns overshooting their targets:

Let me know if there are any particular features you’d like to see! In the actually might want to buy it sense that is.

Phenomenal! I love it!.. and it brings back all kinds of memories too!

So much nostalgia right now… Any chance for a full screen effect version of this?

Yep! Just apply the effects to a render target texture capturing the player’s view, or attach a television screen surface close to the player’s camera to keep the curvature. I might include a straight post process version too for convenience’s sake.

This effect is real cool. Any rough estimate on when it will be available? I assume you’ll be selling on again?

Thank you! Yes it’ll be on first and submitted to the Unreal Marketplace later. Suspect the first beta will be out in the next few weeks.

Small update, there’s a browser demo here now! Got held up by other things but planning to update this with 4.13’s new render to texture toys for better performance and fidelity before release.

Starting to integrate 4.13’s render to texture capabilities. This has finally allowed me to add phosphor burn! First iteration went well:

Got the phosphor burn effect working in the general case, it’s quite pretty:

You can set the afterimage buffer to arbitrary resolutions either to save performance or create an interesting effect:

I also added TXAA-friendly mip-based dithering to minimize some of the aliasing issues procedural textures have at a distance:

In practice however I find this looks noticeably less realistic than a simple distance fade and this might not make it into the release version.

Hey all! Sorry I left this project so long. It’s been rebooted (basically from scratch) and Beta 1 is now available! It’s just the shadow mask generating Substance files at the moment but many more features are coming soon:

Beta 2 is out!

Added a demo material which will be updated as betas progress. Added trapezoid, fringing, and dot crawl effects. Also added multiple Substance instances for different subpixel shapes and arrangements:

Beta 5 is out! I was so busy there were 3 updates since I was last here. Including but not limited to:

Phosphor Persistence

Full set of adjustment knobs such as pincushion

Fringing generalized into a per-channel overshoot effect

Per-channel distortion maps, allowing you to simulate magnetic interference, convergence errors, or totally surreal glitchscapes

A high speed strobe effect in case your game needs to go into slow motion and render screens realistically

Procedural snow

Desync between the screen’s framerate and the in-universe camera

And a fully interactive real time demo

Try it here for free!

Just wanted to let everyone know Version 1.0 of CRTify is out! Will be submitting for Marketplace approval very shortly!

Updates! First of all CRTify now has a manual. You can find the live version here. Detail will be added over time along with free updates.

Also, CRTify (and all my other current products) are in this fantastic, ridiculously cheap charity bundle with 100% of the proceeds going to the ACLU ( American Civil Liberties Union) and Planned Parenthood. It’s got less than 2 days left before it’s gone forever so act quickly![SIZE=3]CRTify is now available on the Unreal Marketplace![/SIZE]