Hey everyone. I’m the lead writer and narrative/mission designer of an indie game dev group, and we’re currently in the early stages of developing a First Person Shooter in Unreal 4.

The game is a gritty and visceral FPS (title under wraps) with a strong focus on story and writing, diverse and challenging gameplay and memorable and unique campaign level and mission design.


  • Epic campaign and deep characters.
  • Open-ended level design.
  • Player freedom in gameplay, many playstyles.
  • Brutal and unforgiving combat.


3D Weapon Modelling
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Environment Concept Art (complete breakdowns of 2 levels/missions, specifically chosen for their contrasting mission design)

Attached to this post is Character Concept Art + 3D Character Modelling work, specifically arms for the FPS view of the vertical slice.

More than happy to provide detailed documentation as well (GDD) and samples of the mission screenplays to any applicant that gets in touch.

Team Structure:
Lukas Kounoupis
Lead Writer, Narrative/Mission Designer –17 Months

Hayden Zammit
Project Manager – 4 Months

Bobby Prins
Business Manager – 14 Months

Mihai Voinescu
Environment Concept Artist – 8 Months

Lauren Zielinski
Character Concept Artist – 8 Months

Rachelle Charest
3D Character Artist – 13 Months

Diego Ross
3D Weapons Artist – 7 Months

Sebastian Vargas
3D Rigger – 8 Months

We are currently in discussion with multiple potential candidates for the 3D Animator position, and once the vertical slice is completed we will bring aboard the 3D Level Designer.

Additional Info on Compensation:
The programmer and animator are the last two pieces we need for the vertical slice. Once that has been completed, we will begin with the first stage of funding, which is composed of many stages. Multiple avenues will be tackled to maximize profit and thus salaries – first we will begin with social media, building up a fan base through interaction and regular updates and showcases of our work and progress etc. Donations will be the first opening stage of funding, then we will move on to Grants (such as the Unreal Grant), then Crowdfunding (utilizing the fan base built) and, of course, Investors.
We already have one investor ready to go, and even now could credibly target the grant and crowdfunding with what we already created, but we’re choosing to be patient so as to maximize our profits with a satisfying quantity of samples and a demo – we already have the quality down and its reception so far has been great, but we want to truly achieve our full potential and not feel as if we could’ve done better. It’s simply a matter of when, not if. This will very much be a regularly paid salary position after that point, and naturally all work up to that point will also be fully compensated.

Talent Required:
C++ Unreal 4 Programmer

  • Skill and experience with C++
  • Skill and experience with UE4
  • Skill and experience with Blueprints
  • Skill and experience with Algorithms
  • Skill and experience with Data Structures

Responsibilities will consist of programming gameplay logic and mechanics, and at this early stage really constructing the technical foundation of the game.

This is a remote position, we all communicate via skype (for now, will probably move onto something like Discord in the near future, after the vertical slice completion).

If you’re interested, want to see more of/learn more about the project, or just have any questions, please don’t hesitate to hit me up.
E-mail: [EMAIL=“lucaskoun@gmail.com”]lucaskoun@gmail.com
Skype: lukekoun