Crowd system

Hi, I’m interested to know if anyone would be interested in a crowdsystem blueprint system on the marketplace? We’ve made one based on the built in crowd system, but added some functionality.
The only manual work is placing a navmesh and spawn points, and the blueprints do the rest.


  • Randomized spawn point, character scale and walk speed.

  • Randomized materials for skin, hair, top, bottom and shoe materials (from a list of 3-5 materials for each, can be adjusted as much as you want).

  • Number of different character meshes that spawn is easy to adjust, as well as what animation(s) they will use.

  • Dynamically change the number of characters in the scene with the click of a button. Works in packaged projects as well.

  • Quite efficient. On a midrange computer (mid range i7 with Nvidia 770) around 500 characters in a scene is no problem (all characters visible at the same time).
    Scales well with CPU and GPU power. Due to the dynamic number of characters, it’s easy to optimize on the fly for different computers, even in packaged projects.

What would be a reasonable price for this, in your opinion?

Also, any suggestions of more features that are useful?

Maybe as a feature it would be nice if you could add a notification system. For example active agents could send notifications to idle agents to move away from the way? And some more refined stuff like that would make me interested.

Does it support multiplayer? I mean here replication of all those characters. Does it use character blueprint with anim blueprints?
Few years back (in dark ages of udk) there was tech demo with instanced animated skeletal meshes, it never made into live (or i just stopped watching udk before it did).
So are you using that or regular character blueprint with anim bp?

For regular setup, i would say 10$ or so, this is easily doable, just takes some time, so more than 10 -20$ and nobody will buy, because with blueprints you always need to do some adjustments, and that is about same time as developing such bp from scratch.
If you put some better multiplayer optimization (than replicating all those animations for each single character) then you can add more to that price.
If its optimized for multiplayer and has instanced actors, well then you can slap nice price tag on it.


Multiplayer is a must…

Around 2011 Epic broke Crowd replication in UDK. That was a serious sucker punch!
Surprised more wasn’t made of it, as it must have crippled other team’s projects too…

I’d be interested in this just a few points id need clearing up for my game-

  1. would it be possible to make randomly spawning “enemies” on these spawn points? will that be included or?
  2. can the NPC crowd run away or like stop at traffic lights until it goes red?

These are just a few things I’d need for my game would be great if you could implement then or give directions on how to make it happen once/if this releases on the marketplace :slight_smile:

Pleeease. Add a Poll!!!



As long as it comes with game ready starter or demo crown meshes then Im on board

We’re almost done incorporationg communication between the nodes, so that characters can see if a node i crowded or will soon be crowded, and choose another target node to move towards. Doesn’t seem like a lot of extra work to do what you’re asking. Thx for the idea =)