Crow Down Showdown: Demo Edition

I just finished my first demo made in Unreal Engine 4! Crow Down Showdown is an arcade flight game inspired by the speedway levels from Spyro the Dragon! You play as Chipper the Crow, and as you fly around exploring beautiful locations, you will come across many obstacles. Your objective is to destroy all of them as quickly as possible without dying! Will you go for a safe and easy route, or try something riskier but faster?

This demo only has one level: Mystic Island Speedway. It’s not a long demo, but the level is quite large and challenging. I expect the average player will take a few tries to beat it for the first time with a not-so-good time, and then many more tries until they get a 3-star time (1:30 or less). And for the most hardcore gamers, you can try to beat my best time of 1:18.44, which I’ve included in every save file by default so you can always feel taunted by it. :v (There are no online leaderboards as of now)

Download link: Crow Down Showdown: Demo Edition by AgentOttsel

Blog post with a Q&A: Introducing Crow Down Showdown! Q&A and Free Demo! – Agent Ottsel's Game Dev Shenanigans

I’ll be going over some technical aspects of the project in future blog posts, starting with the HUD animation system, which is based on a custom C++ Latent Action.

Here are some screenshots:

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