Crouching won't stop at edge, but a bit after it

I’ve been trying to get crouching with my side-scroll character to stop right at the corner of a ledge once its reached. Right now it stops a little distance past what would be considered the end of the platform, and walks down it a bit before stopping. I think this is do to the capsule collision only stopping the character once the capsule becomes straight vertical , but since I can’t change the capsule to be something like a cube I don’t see me being able to fix my issue. Here is an image for reference.


I know creating a pawn is another solution in order to have custom collision, but i hope there’s an easier work around because I would prefer using the character BP.

“play” with options in CharacterMovement component:

Ledge check threshold
Use flat base for floor checks

I my problem is solved. In my characterBP under Character Movement look for “Use Flat Base for Floor Checks” in the details panel, check the box and no more stopping at an angle on a ledge.

Still unsure on how to make my character stop a bit before the edge so they aren’t floating over it, but floating over at an angle isn’t an issue anymore. Thinning the radius of the capsule sort of works, but there must be a better fix.

Adij mentioned this in his comment. I can’t seem to mark his comment as answer.