Oh hi there, how I can make crouch system? I found some, but in firt person shoter, and I one one for 3rd.

If you know, give me animations(I use the default system, and I know to make animations from a skeleton to other)

Thank you.

What default system? Give you animations? Why should anyone just give you their work?

Have a look on the wiki at the first person shooter tutorial. It goes into making animation sequences.

What have you tried?

The character movement component I believe comes with a crouch function, not to sure what it’s effect is, but it works nicely with the animation state machines. You may be able to find a crouch animation in one of the free animation Assets around here. :slight_smile:

The way I did it was to use the Set Capsule Half Height node on the capsule component, driven by a timeline to create smooth transitions. It works extremely well.

crouch system ->
After that you will have to create a blendspace for your crouching - add it into a state from your anim bp - activate the state (transition) with the “iscrouching” bool variable which you get from the cast node in the event graph -> this tutorial will explain you everything about the animation implementation part: 3rd Person Game with Blueprints (pre. v4.8) - YouTube :slight_smile:

Im not so good at 3d, I need somebody to share to me crouch idle and walk, im not so good at 3d
Please :smiley:

Fighter, I’m disappointed!

Using Tesla Dev’s videos!

You have one for everything. How do you not have one for crouching? :stuck_out_tongue:

~ Jason

With the animations in general?

Do you have a character model?

~ Jason

Actually I planned to make one, but then I stopped recording videos due to the missing time (I was pretty busy with my A-level exam) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully you can get back to doing them soon.

And I hope you did well on your exams.
I know they can be a pain.

~ Jason

Yes I have from mixamo(fuse), I say, im not s-o good, Im still searching a designer, but before he come, I want to make to game some pre-makes, Im new in ue4 and I need some time to make this game(I worked in Unity, unity is more harder to use, I think 3 months).I use deafult skeleton, and work in c4d, and when I try in c4d to animate my caracter dont look so good(all what I maked in c4d are minecraft animations and fnaf characters)

Edit: But before all, you can sugest to make inventory tutorial? And tree chop down compatible with that tutorial?

For the inventory I’d check out the “InventoryUIwithUMG” example project.

As for the tree, that’s really a matter of creating an actor that, when “attacked,” produces a pickup item that is then added to the inventory.

If you need any help let me know.

~ Jason

Ok, But one more problem, at first I wanted my game to be more like forest, but I think I want somethink like ark(I dont want a stone in hand and dinosaurs) somethink like ark with forest, but my probem is I want to caracter start with some cloths(in airplane) but after this he can change in inventory, it’s posible?

And somethink to ask, where I can get InventoryUIwithUMG?

And for “As for the tree, that’s really a matter of creating an actor that, when “attacked,” produces a pickup item that is then added to the inventory.” I can attack to tree foliage? Or add every tree manualy?

EDIT: I use Fuse, how I can generate cloth? I need to make a model with any clotch conbination model in the world? I dont think that work like this… And how I can make cloths(Model) then

Go to the “Epic Games Launcher” and go to the “Learn” tab; scroll a bit and you should find the InventoryUIwithUMG project.

Yes, you can have a clothing system using blueprints (if you need help with how to do that let me know).

As for the tree, what do you mean?

You can paint a destructible tree mesh around the map and use that.

As for FUSE, I don’t know it too well.

Someone else will have to answer that for you.

Let me know if you need anymore help.

~ Jason