crouch the capsule problem, capsule decreased from the bottom up and character falling to gruond

I am newbie at creating game. I am practicing now.
I traied make crouching character. It crouched but I had issues with capsule.

When i crouch collider shrinks from the middle, resulting in the character’s feet ending up in the floor or I make ‘force rootlock’ then it flying. I find some topic in some forums but i didnt understand. how will I will this issue?
There is blueprints which I used and how crouch my character.

If give me to advice i will be happy.

The crouch animation and the regular idle/walk need to all have the same basis.
You can’t shift the root up and down on them and expect to have it work.

You can set the capsule crouched height in the character settings to adjust things. But it shouldn’t be needed.
Especially not to adjust the animation height off the floor.

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Thank you. I changed blue prints and it worked.